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D Shackle

D Shackle Manufacturers

Shackle like D Shackle Manufacturers in Telangana at M S Enterprises is usually used to hoist, secure, or rig big loads, items and equipment. Gyves are also known as shackles but are less often employed. Hoists and other load-lifting devices are often connected using hoist shackles or slings to the payload. Lifting shackles provide a strong connection between the payload and the lifting equipment. We also offer Web Sling In Hyderabad, and all over India.

When employed as lifting or rigging devices, they serve the same purpose as all other shackles and Wire Rope Clamps. Shackles, such as carabiners and handcuffs, are designed to create a solid and lasting connection between two points that may be opened and closed as needed to enable or prohibit disengagement.

There are several types of lifting chains and Cargo Lashing Belt on the market, but most may be constructed and made in two primary ways: with a twist, snap, or headboard.

  • D-type shackles, often known as chain shackles, are extensively used.
  • It is also known as the "bow" shackle because of its shape.

Two key components will always be included in the body and pin of a shackle, no matter what kind you're utilizing (or bolt). A secure connection is formed as the pin passes through the loop on both ends. Shackles may be either horseshoe-shaped or U-shaped in design.

Pins and bolts used to fix shackles may be either threaded or partially threaded but can also be clevis fasteners, having a cross-hole in the middle that can be used for a split pin or tang to keep them in place.


This kind of shackle, known as D Shackle or chain shackles, has a D-shaped body rather than the widely flared 'O' form seen in most anchor or bow shackles, which is why they're called D-shackles. It is designed more like a chain loop or link than a D-shackle.

These shackles are seen in a wide variety of daily situations, and the bulk of other shackle types are only variants on the basic D-shape form. D Shackle have a threaded or clevis-type pin to shut them, and they are often used for lifting moderate to large weights in a straight line.

Because D-shackle may twist or bend if enough force is exerted on them, they are not advised for so-called side loads, in which the lifting is not always vertical. Sideloading lifting applications often need anchor or bow-type shackles (see bow shackles below).

According to Chain Pulley Block catalogs, d-shackles made of stainless steel, zinc-plated or galvanized steel, and other kinds of alloy steel are some of the most often accessible from suppliers and manufacturers.